The talented Goner is blessing fans with a final release before 2022 which sees him team up with masked rapper, XANAKIN SKYWOK. Released today, December 27th the single is a very different sound from Goner, it is more aligned to XANAKIN who has more aggressive trap rap. Goner handled the first verse with ease, he makes nods to COVID-19 while breaking down how to many females act like a star when they an extra in the movie. SKYWOK follows with the chorus which is loud, very hardcore with a focus to burst you into rage. Their isn’t a real second verse but more a blend of Goner and XANAKIN dropping a mixed chorus with different bars, SKYWOK does this in the beginning of the track by dropping a small, 20 second verse. The singles theme definitely doesn’t matter, I ain’t gonna hold you this is music to party too, really this would work well for those needing a new workout joint. Production was handled by longtime collaborator Jake Plus who always brings heat when he is teamed to Goner, mans ain’t no Robin but is more a Nightwing to Goner’s Batman. Verdict, absolute banger that you should add this to your playlist if you wanna turn up; drink some bear before hand or smoke some tree to really experience “ICEKREAM!” at its finest.

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