Here For Christmas – Max Restaino (Music Video)

British born singer/songwriter Max Restaino released the perfectly titled “Here For Christmas” on November 26th, 2021. Restaino teams up with the legendary songwriter behind “Santa Baby”, Phil Springer for a track similar in nature, the theme is all about being there with loved ones on the magical day but sometimes not everyone can make it so we must try to make time for our loved ones to enjoy these occasions. When speaking on the track Max Restaino said “Radio One DJ Mike Read put me in touch with Phil, and after finding out that he wrote the iconic ‘Santa Baby’, I thought it would be great to write a Christmas song together! Phil, who is now 95 years of age, got back to me with a melody he had shelved in the 1940s, and not done anything with for over 70 years. I loved the melody so Mike and I finished the song off with lyrics, and I added a chorus and a few melody ideas. I am so honored to be able to work with such a music legend, and I hope the new song will fill people with as much joy as it has bought me this holiday season!” The usage of live instruments really brought the Christmas cheer out, nothing like piano or saxophone that really bring the holidays out. Show major love to Max for this wonderful tune as we enjoy the holidays.


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