EGO – Naomi (Single)

Bakersfield beauty Naomi released her latest single, “EGO” on December 9th, 2021. “Ego” is an empowering track with a theme focused on the aftermath of a couples fight where both parties egos tried to out due each other, in our perspective given from Naomi the female half of the fight has calmed down but has started to question why she even praises this “man” as a “king” or put up with the consistent fights. The feelings only fade further when Naomi mentions a hoodie that could maybe undo the pain with a happy memory but unfortunately the damage has been done, that happy time is only tainted by the disgusting behavior. Her production handled by Jeyon who crafted a fine beat, it flows well with her previous releases by carrying a similar style. Dope track, show the home girl some major love.


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