Turnt Up – Ewoklilhippy

Ohio native Ewoklilhippy submitted his song, “Turnt Up” for our honest thoughts which, we hope match his wild personality. Released September 24th, 2020 the singles theme follows the idea of spending your days partying, getting faded until the sun sets while caring that party under the stars. “Turnt Up” is a mellow party track that would be good for smoking with the homies or impressing ladies with your playlist skills at a function. The production is a vibe, it has a very soft, lofi like beat that follows the rhythm well along with the flow/delivery. The music video that accompanies adds mystery too the legend of Ewoklilhippy, it is a mixture of old clips form a college classroom, honestly I couldn’t explain this even if I had the full backstory but some things are better that way. Overall this is a dope song, show Ewoklilhippy love with a share or follow, we may have another post coming soon so stay tuned!


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