Menace II Society – MoeSOS DC, Dre Wave$ & Ty Thom (Music Video)

GOD VZN Records had three of their finest drop an amazing track to celebrate 2 years on November 29th, 2021. The three artist use this track to celebrate their individual accomplishments from their 2 year grind to become their own independent label, starting with MoeSOS DC. His verse really starts the sparks to the fire, he has a flow/delivery that are nastier then a crusty napkin. His verses really has him celebrating the trials he overcame as he enjoys being in the game. Dre Wave$ comes into the frame with that bucket hat like LL, dropping lines about how he is focused on tomorrow while telling “fossil rappers” that the dirt is covering their vision on how to evolve. Bro has always been dope, this track just furthers his credit as one of the best in the underground. The final verse is owned by Ty Thom who speaks on never sleeping on opportunity while having confidence with his style, even saying he’s the closest thing to “Christopher Wallace” better known as The Notorious B.I.G. Ty has some of the best wordplay with his final verse, I mean this brother didn’t have to hit the verse that hard but literally murdered it. Production shouldn’t be overlooked, the beat is straight from the 90’s like the tracks name, I think I feel in love with the verses more because the beat flowed so well with them. Music video is also great, shot in black & white with all three homies having a good time spitting bars while enjoying each others time, this is what music is about. Show all three of these talented MCs some major love.


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