GETCHU – MOCHIE (Music Video)

The colorful MOCHIE from Oregon dropped a music video for his song “GETCHU” on August 7th, 2021. First thing on the agenda, we must give credits to our editor Montana who put us on bro. MOCHIE is similar with looks but different with sound, his attire or hairstyle may scream another trap rapper but his sound has a very different feel. “GETCHU” sees our young brother rap about the pain of chasing after that girl that keeps your brain hurting but even more your heart racing, MOCHIE talks about how he is eyeing this love interest close like a fed but can’t let that ruin him even more as he needs to focus on his own grind. This is a good theme of “love & lust as the listener needs to determine which category MOCHIE falls into. Production is also dope, his beat sounds like a mixture of sad-boi rap with trap, more so the sad boi side. The video was shot/directed by Fuckmeban$hee who brought a lot of life out, the angles used were good with some great background scenery that matched the themes idea. Overall solid track, show everyone tagged some love!


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