Money Better – Janjay Hndrix (Single)

The phenomenal Janjay Hndrix released his latest single, “Money Better” on November 5ht, 2021. This brother has tons of talent, I haven’t heard from my mans for a minute but was so excited to see this track pop up in my Instagram feed. “Money Better” is a perfect reunion for fans of Hndrix, the theme is his focus on collecting his check to bloom it into stacks, as the pockets got fatter so did the rears of shortys hollering at his line, from ugly to model just like a coin turned stack. The track is real smooth, it honestly feels like Juice Wrld, RIP, should have been a feature with the flow, production and overall vibe. Speaking on production, the beat is mellow with trap elements but keeps a emo-rap style mix in. Overall, dope track, if you dug it show my man Janjay Hndrix major love.


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