Raw Shit (Low, down and broke) – Emcee Crackmic (Single)

Jersey artist Emcee Crackmic released his latest single “Raw Shit (Low, down and broke) on November 13th, 2021. Now it could be unintentional assistance but as I was writing about this I had been playing my Wu-Tang Clan playlist on Spotify, the track starts with a sample from the Clan as he leads into a horrorcore style verse that packs on gritty style bars. The songs second verse carries these dark themes, he actually reminds me of Immortal Technique with the flow/deliver but also in production. The beat handled by insectedBT really felt like a blend of Wu-Tang with “Dance with the Devil” by Immortal Technique which sounds dope, the hard, base booming drums mixed with silent, eerie piano keys blends wonderfully. Overall this may be the best track this young, upcoming brother has put out so give him some love for the dedication and grind he has for his art.


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