KEATS released “THE BEST ANIME RAP EVER” on November 3rd, 2021. I stumbled on this brother through TikTok where he posted a snippet of this, but I never had my hunger satisfied until KEATS announced a full music video for this love letter to anime. From Dragon Ball Z, Naruto to My Hero and Death Note, my man has a bar for everyone’s favorite anime with wordplay that would leave Orochimaru wanting to steal his power. This a slapper, if you a geek, nerd or brother trying to pretend to be hard, loosen up and slap this on a speaker, show KEATS major love.


2 thoughts on “THE BEST ANIME RAP EVER – KEATS (Music Video)

  1. Keats is a lyrical master.🤷🏽‍♀️ It’s in the name description.

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    1. He definitely has sharp lines like a shinobi.


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