The biggest stars from the New York scene that ain’t saying “BING BONG”, I$O INDIES are here to fuck ya life up with their latest single/music video “THAT TALK (HELLO).” Released on December 1st, Santa dropped an early gem for heads hunting for that raw, gritty ish that can please the soul. Dill starts this track with a verse harder then his shirt, he speaks on how he is collecting stacks like a casino while keeping “MC’s” needing Vitamin Ds choked up. Conchez enters like a brother lost in his way, he continues the gas with similar lines on how dudes be bugging on the line while they battle shorty’s who have an “appointment.” The production is nasty, like nasty nasty with beats that remind me of the 90’s or even more recent, Joey Bada$$. The music video is well shot taking time with the dynamic duo chilling on the block to them hanging out in the “Red Room.” Show major love to two dope MC’s with a follow, share or like.


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