Paapa-Berchie – NO TURNING BACK (Music Video)

Upcoming DMV artist Paapa-Berchie released a music video for his song “NO TURNING BACK” on November 2nd, 2021. Berchie says the inspiration for the song “stemmed from the journey that has been my life over the course of the past four years. During the pandemic, we all had time to reflect and think of the things we have done in our life at that point, and what we wanted to do in the future. It was during that time that I was still really coming into my own when it comes to music, when it comes to establishing my sound and my image and likeness. How I overcame trials and tribulations in my life to get to where I am today. How I was able to find my purpose and meaning in life, and now am able to fully lock in and focus. This song is the defining meaning of closing the chapters of my life from the past, and living in the moment. For yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, which is why we call the present. Whatever we decide to do in life, perform at it to the best of your ability living with zero regrets, for there’s NO TURNING BACK.” Now I really think this track exemplifies that idea where you can look back on your past as a educational way to grow for your future while not letting it hold you down like a ball and chain. Berchie’s flow/delivery is very vibrant, it has elements of pop or reggae with trap-rap mixed in, I think this sound however is very interesting and look forward to more of it. Production matches the drapes, pop-trap is the theme but this beat would be perfect to use for a club song or workout track. The music video itself is shot like a cinematic experience, it has very soothing scenes with the sun setting to vibrant, colorful cuts to Paapa-Berchie dancing or singing in the scene. Overall this is an amazing piece that has me hungry for more from the Ghanaian-American artist, show this brother some major love!


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