SUMMER ’16 – DAM3 X Young God Blow x Kemkooley (Single)

MONARCH3 Records released a new collaboration single featuring 3 smooth brothers on November 5th, 2021. “SUMMER 16” features three energetic, young brothers destine to takeover the music scene talking about their time spent in Summer 2016, how each one had a different time but what it lead too. The track starts off with Young God Blow who brings a high energy, dropping nostalgic references to remind the old heads about the good times while keeping the vibe up. DAM3 enters speaking how summer was rough for him but he kept his chin up which got him to where he is now. Kemkooley concludes the single by breaking down how the best years ain’t even here yet, his optimism is youthful but also keeps the tracks theme fresh as we all have a golden year, mine was 2018. Production is fire, I really enjoyed the beat that keeps the energy high, energy is a word I use heavily in this track but this whole song really has a chakra around it. Show love to everyone featured for more dope music.

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