The Generational Cure – Vincent Tesoro x River Jordan

Vincent Tesoro released a brand new music video for his single “The Generational Cure” on October 14th, 2021. From the mouth of it’s creator, Vincent said the “interpretation of the song and video was to release all the vices and generational curses in our past. “The actors wrote down a bondage and burned them all at the end.” This symbolizes that we were trusting God to be the ultimate cure for our issues. It’s a spiritual relief at the end of the record and I pray that it brings peace and healing to each listeners heart.” Now this is track isn’t your typical rap song, it has a more Nickleback vibe with some rapping over it, the lyrics revolve around fixing ones vices or demons to help improve their well being. I think River Jordan really steals the track with his powerful voice that conquers mountains while Vincent storms the wall with a strong flow/delivery. Production is done well, Jordan provides his guitar while the rock-rap track carries a very peaceful message. Overall this is a great song, show some major love to Vincent and River.

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