Extroverts – MadLeo x Boom Dice (Lyrics Video)

Grammy nominated producer Boom Dice teamed up with Serbian based artist MadLeo to release “Extroverts” on October 28th, 2021. Dice is continuing his trend of supporting underground musicians by working with MadLeo, a bold dark-pop artist/actress taking the scene by storm with her beautiful vocals. She explains the track “was written from the perspective of the inner voice in your head, talking you through a night of social anxiety. I wanted to showcase the anxiety as a back and fourth conversation in my head, but also find the humor in this irrational fear of extroverts. The collaboration ended up giving us this dark, playful, cynical pop song, about something a lot of us deal with.” The song follows that theme MadLeo gives well, it feels like the constant worries that a person who struggles with anxiety would feel as environments become to large or worry become fears. I think while watching the lyrics video for “Extroverts” you can also pick up those themes of anxiety by the dark, dimly lite areas that hold creatures of the shadow at wait. Boom Dice does a great job on production, electric dark-pop is the product of both these talented artist which works well, I think this was a very surprising song on first listen but after a few rotations the production gets better and better. Amazing work from the lovely MadLeo and Boom Dice, show them love.


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