Friends – Lil Peep x Yunggoth (EP)

Friends – Lil Peep x Yunggoth (EP)

Lil Peep’s estate released a 3-track EP in collaboration with Yunggoth on November 5th, 2021. Gus’s mother explains the story of this EP by stating in their caption to promote it, “Gus lived with Yunggoth for many months–in Denver, Pasadena, Skid Row, Echo Park, and London (briefly). Throughout that time, Gus only said positive things about him to me and our family. In fact, when Gus was home in September 2016, he bought a monogrammed stuffed unicorn, and gave directions for me to mail it so Yunggoth would receive it. Goth was an integral part of Gus’s life. It was clear Gus cared very much for him. I am glad to be able to release this three-track project that shows the beginning, middle, and last part of their collaboration and friendship.” Call this a mini-review but I have enjoyed a lot of the postmortem release from Peep’s mother/estate, they didn’t pull and X and just let anybody get a verse. I will just give a briefing on each track including the music video for “cocaine shawty” in this next paragraph, listen along by hitting the Spotify link to the left.

“cocaine shawty” starts off this short project, the tracks lyrics revolve around that girl at the party looking to get some revenge on a ex, charged like a drugged up battery. There is also reference to feeling like a “zombie” off the drugs as shawty starts to have her sunken eyes turn dark while she tries to press up onto you. The music video isn’t anything crazy, it is low budget like a lot of older Peep or GothBoiClique videos. “coke” follows like a bad hangover, the theme seems drowned in the beat a bit but the Hellboy rapper with Yunggoth execute a solid piece. The songs slow, eerie production really stands out but also tell the tale more then lyrics, vocals take a backseat. The final track, “lick” is probably the weirdest of the trio. The lyrics are wild like a Thornberry, it didn’t flow well in my opinion but I do take into account that the 3 songs were made between friends so they were made for fun. Overall this was just a fun release, “coke” was probably the best track of the bunch but besides that I’d probably only go back to that track unironically.


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