16-Bit Bars: Kid Cas vs Azerrz

The OG Azerrz teamed up with Gaming While Black to take on Kid Cas in a 16-Bit Bars Rap Battle on October 28th, 2021. Hosted by Brandon Broady with production credits to 3BLACKDOT, this video came out of left field because I’ve follows Azerrz since the Cleveland Brown trolling days, now he voices him on Family Guy. In a turn around Azerrz who raps under the name 4 rif flexed his tongue against Kid Cas in this epic duel. The rules were simple, the more references you make the higher your lyrical combo gets. Both brothers hit the mark like Link with a slingshot, I was not familiar with Cas who dropped some great bars but man, Azerrz really smoked it in all 3 rounds for me personally. I think Cas had some spin-breakers but when Azerrz dropped a 9 piece combo it was over for me. But this is all for fun, but definitely check out both brothers plus Gaming While Black.


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