The Darkest Of Times – IcyDaRabbit (Review)

UK rapper IcyDaRabbit released his latest album, “The Darkest Of Times” on August 25th, 2021. We’re a bit behind on the Orange Hood Label artist who contacted us to cover this deep dive in his personal life but I am glad to finally be able to put my words to the paper. “The Darkest Of Times” sees Rabbit speak on his mental health along with other serious topics, he has matured a lot from “Freakshow! II” which we covered but also introduced us to IcyDaRabbit. So lets get to the juice, these our my thoughts on “The Darkest Of Time” by IcyDaRabbit.

We begin with “Tick…Tock (Introduction)” which sets up the albums chilling atmosphere that something is wrong, time is passing by and as the introduction ends so starts track 2. “Race Against The Clock” perfectly loops from the introduction as IcyDaRabbit’s voice is menacing over an orchestra style beat. The lyrics make mention of Rabbit’s depression and battle with bullying that lead him to nearly wanting to “brain himself” but he turns the track around with his fast, volatile flow where he talks about manifesting the hate into pure energy. He eventually slows down his flow to speak to the listener about how people constantly try to outrace time but no matter what, when it’s your time you’re up. “But I’m Here Now” starts off with a simple note, then Icy apologies for wanting to “flex” which takes tone to what the theme revolves around. He spends the track speaking on what puts him above the rest while proving doubters wrong, with the tracks title being the chorus over a very well executed beat. The track also sees the first feature from W4RP. Track 4, “Abra Kadabra” starts of like a hype gym joint, IcyDaRabbit jumps into the track like a bounce house with horrorcore lyrics mixed with some dark comedy. The beat is very high energy, matching Rabbit’s flow as he aggressively delivers bars like the mailman. “All Night” changes up the mood fully, a more funky produced beat that explores the romantic side of Icy with guest feature from Hoodie Trash. This was a standout for me, I really think if a song defined an album this would be the one, the beat is well mixed, vocals perfect and I really grooved out to this joint the most. “Lovesick Anxiety (Interlude)” marks the halfway point in the album, acoustic guitar plays while Rabbit voices his anxieties in life, also expressing being hurt by a love interest. I also enjoyed this mix in scenery, the guitar really added a great change in pace for the rest of the album.

Track 7, “Just Friends” features UNDFTDJAY on this similarity produced track to “All Night.” DJAY and Icy both provide solid verses for this track that feels like the story of being friend-zoned, on this track I think I enjoyed the beat way more than the lyrics but this is otherwise a solid track. “Carnage” follows afterward, a blend of drill rap lyrics with some Southern chopped n’ screwed is what I hear on this hyper single. TrippyThaKid is the guest verse on the track with a very solid flow/delivery that really elevates the song, great track overall. We get back to the sinister theme with “Imposter Syndrome.” Rabbit spits brimstone on this track that carries the theme of paranoia with lines like “all these silhouettes and ghost keep staring at me” or “these manikins keep advancing to the melody.” It is a twisted track that has an interesting concept, the beat is also dope like crack. The vibes become way brighter with “Another Day” which brings back the acoustic guitar on production. The theme focuses on Rabbit speaking about how his depression is eating at him, from being “ghosted by supposed friends” to bitter coffee the world feels heavy and against our brother but he has to keep telling himself to try again tomorrow, hence the title “Another Day.” Track 11 titled “Blame It On Me” brings back W4RP while also introducing TJB on this vibrant single. Production reminds me a lot of Jaden’s “SYRE” for the neo-space like drums/snares. Lyrics revolve around being the pillow that gets punch out of anger, each artist expresses how a significant other has taken out their anger on them in one way until they just boil over, not taking it no more and looking for better. “Identity” is the final track on the album where IcyDaRabbit talks about feeling lost, looking for who he really is since he has spent to much time living on past memories. This was a great way to conclude the album as the whole project is a cruise through his life, mind and spirit on what he was and what he is working to become. The albums true ending is “Only A Matter Of Time (Outro)” which is a simple, straightforward conversation from Rabbit’s persona speaking on his musical passion and future goals.

The Darkest Of Times – IcyDaRabbit

Overall I would highly recommend this project, it has a good blend of sad boi lyrics and drill rap beats, it is honestly just a great variety album with tons of different flavor for your ear. My top 3 tracks would be “All Night”, “Another Day” and “Blame It On Me.” All three tracks share very similar production which I enjoyed, I’d say “All Night” had the best beat overall on the album while “Blame It On Me” was lyrically strongest. “Another Day” was a great storytelling track that really captivated me with the inside look on Rabbit. My best advice, keep playing with this sorta sound because for me this is what I really dig, but every track was well formulated, each telling its own tale. Huge shoutout to IcyDaRabbit for submitting this project, show my brother love, as always I am The Musical Hippie and these were my thoughts on “The Darkest Of Times.”


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