Good Intentions – Sofia Lafuente (Music Video)

Alternative-pop singer Sofia Lafuente released her latest single “Good Intentions” on October 28th, 2021. This is the first release since she had put out her first EP, “Control” from the beginning of the year but does not disappoint. “Good Intentions” as stated by Sofia is “kind of all about living without regrets.” which she continues by saying “There were so many things in my life that I could not control and I could not predict at that point, that I wanted to celebrate the feeling of just jumping into something because you want to try, and that sometimes that can be enough.” The track from her words is “a confession between two people in the middle of the night.” which can be heard easily by how she speaks to the listener about the inability to move forward as anything more. This is also her first song ever speaking Spanish which is the second verse, now I have no real idea what is being said but her pronunciation is beautiful. The music video is also handled lovely, from Sofia’s white dress which she roams what appears to be a a plain or small farm area with some gorgeous horses. Production was handled by Alex E with Ren Swan mixing the track, this singles production was done very well with tons of good base drops that would be fun to hear remixed into a rave like track. Overall dope song, show major love to Sofia Lafuente

Good Intentions – Sofia Lafuente (Music Video)

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