NUMB – Zoë Zohar (Single)

London based alternative-pop artist Zoë Zohar released her third single from her upcoming EP titled “NUMB” on October 8th, 2021. Zohar describes NUMB as her “post-apocalyptic power song, shifting the mysteriously dramatic sound associated with Zohar’s music in a new direction.” Now I am no stranger to Zoë Zohar as we’ve chatted before but this is her debut onto our site which we are proud to include her on. Past the introductions, “NUMB” is a cinematic track, from soft guitars in the background to futuristic flares, the tracks production is set to captivate readers by filling the atmosphere with engaging sounds that keep you wondering what is next. The tracks theme to me feels as if Zohar is speaking about a possible love interest or someone with importance that she wishes to see not sink into the sands of depression that flood a persons core so rapidly they don’t realize their drowning before it is too late. Now from what Zoë Zohar told me in a follow up she breaks the theme down as “This is who I am. This is how much I’m willing to immerse myself and fight for what I desire.” She also states “As apposed to your interpretation where I’m wishing the other person not to sink into the sand, in NUMB I am actually asking them to dive in with me just as deep and immerse themselves just as much. By the last chorus I come to the realization that the other person won’t, thus letting them go.” The beauty of music is we can always paint our own message or feel a way that maybe a track wasn’t intended to cause which is why “NUMB” to me is a wonderful song. Production is what I really am strung out by, I fully enjoy the beat that houses elements from soft rock to futuristic-pop, the song has an interesting sound that I just couldn’t forget, I was glad I received the email to preview “NUMB” which excites me for her next work. Speaking of said next work, “AmIAlive” is Zoë Zohar’s first EP which will release sometime in 2021, if it sounds anything like this I for one will be doing a full coverage on it, so if you enjoyed “NUMB” make sure to follow her to keep up with “AmIAlive.”


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