Things U Don’t Mean – Peso The Misfit

Peso The Misfit released a brand new single/music video titled “Things U Don’t Mean” on September 22nd, 2021. I’ve covered Peso like cheese on chips, brother has some real talent on him with his willingness to branch his sound out into different forms, this time doing more R&B style music while still retaining his penmanship. The tracks idea is all about those lies you heard from the girl you lust over, her whispers turned into screams of anger as your growing frustration on what is fact or fiction boils over, all you wish is to grasp onto her hips, close your eyes and hope it all blows over yet you can only wonder if that is what you really want. Rook$ handled the direction of the music video which is a visual beauty, the scenes shot at night are lit by the neon of liquor store signs while Peso is defined in rooms only visible by red from his rage. The production is also wonderful, it is mellow with more R&B/pop tones too it that keep the vibe lively without putting one to sleep. Overall dope track from a funky brother, show him major love on his latest release.


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