Same Ol Shit – AFTA x Riddy K (Music Video)

Bakersfield rapper AFTA released a visual for his single “Same Ol Shit” on June 25th, 2021. The singles theme is very straight forward, everyday feels like the same, same bullshit new number. AFTA spends his first verse asking the question of why continue, rather look for someone or something fun too spice up the time while boasting his uniqueness/accomplishments in the mix. Riddy K enters as the second verse commences, K may look a bit like Action Bronson but raps like a lost Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member, he also carries the same attitude laid by AFTA with the breakdown on why he is a shark in the game while guppy MC’s try to chatter in his ear, couple bars and they scatter as the track concludes with the chorus. I Would love to give flowers to whoever did production, I really enjoyed this beat, felt like something from the 90’s West Coast scene. DSTRUCTIVE FILMZ handled the music videos production, very vibrant with a good flow between shots. The overall verdict, dope so show some love to all involved.


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