Genie of the Lamp by Spaghetti Toes

Martin Bruckner better known as Spaghetti Toes illustrated this amazing canvas of Bay Area Icon Mac Dre. This piece captures Hicks from his 2004 classic “Genie of the Lamp” as he meditates from the hate, with purple endo smoke behind him Andre looks Thizztatic, yeah we said that and own it! This comes in the form as a collaboration with Rap Bay who are releasing 100 of these on wood grain which will look amazing with the colors on display, for those interested a button below will take you to Rap Bay’s site where you can snag one for $29.99. If you wanna blow more dough for Toe, hit the other button to check his Etsy out.

Genie of the Lamp by Spaghetti Toes

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