All I Need – Dango Forlaine x Spit Gemz

Detroit MC Dango Forlaine teams up with New York MC Spit Gemz on his last single “All I Need.” Released September 9th, 2021, “All I Need” screams with real, raw passion, Dango and Gemz verses are so nice that if I wasn’t educated I’d think this came out 25 years ago. The singles theme is open, for me it feels like two brothers expressing themselves through educated wordplay, I feel “All I Need” is more about talking about history, embracing where you came from while having fun with life, again this is just how I felt while listening. Forlaine starts off the track with a verse colder then Quincey Jones, his voice has so much passion along with a great flow/delivery. Gemz enters second with the bat ready, on the mound this brother brings an aggression that flows well with the beat. He also does nothing but spit on his time, just pure microphone domination. Since we spreading love we must mention Bumpsbyra who handled the production, remember that Quincey nod, Ra had this beat sounding like a blend of “Ricky” by The Game along with “Setembro” by Quincey Jones. This beat is amazing, I mean this is just a fantastic track that deserves major love. Want more? Dango Forlaine released a new EP titled “SWAN’S YEAR” while Gemz just dropped a new track with Kool G Rap titled “Legacy.”


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