Stuck in Dreams – Emcee Crackmic (Music Video)

Emcee Crackmic released a fantastic music video for his single “Stuck in Dreams” on September 18th, 2021. The songs theme revolves around being lost in fiction, a generation focused on getting their 15 seconds of fame by any means necessary, unfortunately most aren’t classy like BDP. He also expresses the issues of living in a false reality, where relationships are built by boys and girls with nothing to relate with, a song that takes a deep cut look into the issues that technology, social media and trends have caused. Production was handled by BeFranky who did a great job in creating a hypnotic, lucid like beat that morphs Crackmic’s voice into a real trip. Visuals were handled by Vincenzo Sebastiano who kept the spirits alive, having shots different in every scene while also sticking too the acid like color pallet blended in many of Emcee Crackmic’s music videos. Dope video, dope track, dope brother in the game who deserves some love along with everyone involved.


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