Still Sleepin – Faaris x Keralanka (Single)

Faaris is back with another creative single titled “Still Sleepin” on September 8th, 2021. “Still Sleepin” is opposite to the titles name, with high energy and a fast flow, Faaris hits hard like a orange tape on Saturday. Keralanka enters the second verse with the same consistency, to make a perfect meal you must have that consistency which both artist cook up on this diabolical beat. As mentioned before the theme is opposing to the tracks name, the idea is spending your time crafting your own path or working on a passion. Putting such energy towards something will drain you, even worse is if you have folks with negative mindsets that try to ruin your party, leaving your tank on E eventually. VEXX produced the album while Vision2Life Media mixed/mastered it, both did a phenomenal job at crafting a energetic beat! Show love to everyone involved with this dope single.


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