To The Light – Nuwamba (Music Video)

Dallas-native Nuwamba released a music video for his R&B single “To The Light” on July 25th, 2021. The single is about Nuwamba’s growth and spiritual journey in life, like a moth drawn to a flame “To The Light” attracts fans of traditional soul with his Marvin Gaye esc voice splashed with a modern mixture of D’Angelo, Nuwamba brings you on his growth from the artist he was in 2005 to now, embracing a new lifestyle of self-discovery. When talking about the single, Nuwamba said “I hope this song announces the awakening one has, as self awareness begins. illuminating the focus required to maintain balance in life; encompassing food and nutrition to physical health and overall wellness. Defining the clarity of light and dark the known and the unknown, obtaining all without fear and knowing they are necessary to experience a virtuous life.” His production is a mixture of Latin rhythms, African drumming and hip-hop all into one tropical sound, the beat is full of energy which will keep your body in sync as you groove and move “To The Light.” Huey Rawls directed the music video which is vibrant, depicting the Dallas city with full gritty color as Nuwamba moves around like the spirit of life that is bestowed in him. Dope track, “Love Ase” is out so if you want more give it a listen.


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