BRAINZ – Simon Vertugo x Juno’s Rocket x Dylan Switzerland x Kyevoni x Chosenisfrozen (Music Video)

One of the most creative talents I’ve worked with is back from the freezer, Simon Vertugo released his latest single “BRAINZ” along with a music video on September 9th, 2021. Simon is back after unmounting from his saddle to get real grimy, I mean sticky like soda in your car on a summer day, but he isn’t alone as he is joined by another crazy brother, Juno’s Rocket, Dylan Switzerland, Kyevoni and Chosenisfrozen. Now while I know Juno and Dylan, Kyevoni and frozen are new to me but make an impact like the Hulk. Let’s cut the cheddar 5 ways, Simon starts off the track with a bit of monologue announcing that the “Kowboy” is back. Rocking Supreme Vertugo’s bars are delicious, looking like Nas in “Back To The Grill” with the rhythms that match as his wordplay is nasty like Shock G. The hype is real as the greatest duo since Pippen and Jordan is back, Rocket and Kowboy are back in action as Juno steps into the scene with his darker, aggressive voice that packs bars like a vending machine. Switzerland enters afterward, his voice is a bit more nasally voice, he sounds like a light-skin Slim Shady haha, but all bars aside he brings some solid bars as the third verse in the track. Kyevoni comes in sounding like psycho, brothers voice is high pitched but that doesn’t take away from him making his verse his bitch, he definitely left a mark for me with an amazing bar, “I write my wrongs my pen don’t lie, if you hatin baby you can suck my PEN15, I had a 4.0, I need a .45…” Adding to that I had to slow down the track just to write those bars, I could be wrong with my translation but that was the circulation, Def Jam sign me. Chosenisfrozen brings diversity like the random white guy with the green shirt in the background. Though his time was short the verse had wordplay, I really thought it was a great way to conclude the rapping portion, the track then ends with Simon hyping us up for what’s next with the Hollywood based artist. Now that production, shit was wicked as it felt like a 90s East Coast track, some Blahzay Blahzay or KRS-ONE type ish. Simon got down on the beat like a freshman for a senior, really dope beat that I would kill for the instrumental to be releases separately. The music video was also dope, shot in the dark with all the homies grouped up like the Wu-Tang Clan, each artist involved has such a bright personality that their aura glows when their verse is in motion. Amazing work, make sure to show love for everyone involved, be like Paul Revere cause the Kowboy is coming!


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