Spider-Man 2 (Reveal Trailer)

Insomniac Games has struck gold with their showcases for Sony, bringing the quip, web-swinging menace Spider-Man back for a second round. From this showcase I have only one word, CO-OP, we see Miles Morales and Peter Parker cleaning the streets of New York with Peter flashing some new attachments. Suddenly a mysterious voice calls the dynamic duo to a dark alley way, enter Venom who we last saw in the end credits for Spider-Man, hosting the symbiote is Harry Oswald who seems to be in some control of Venom. Now I am interested too see where this leads, will Harry comeback from his “vacation” and live a normal life until Peter or Miles catches on to him? Will Taskmaster come back to challenge us again? Are we going to play more of those unnecessary stealth sections with Mary Jane? Time will tell as Spider-Man 2 is set for a 2023 release.


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