For the Victims – Wav (Singles)

Wav is back with two new singles to spread suicide awareness during the month of September. Released August 24th, 2021, Wav brings his signature emo-pop sound into a positive light as he depicts his own struggles, from a poor childhood too his mental health that he still battles while also dealing with racism as a Asian artist which at one point lead the young artist to a darker spot. Wav has transferred his battles into glory by making music which expresses the joys of life, leading too “For the Victims.” “Borderline Personality Disorder” talks about the heartbreaking disease that unravels the persons mind, the twistedness that is wicked but Wav also shows the humane side where he is grateful for the gaps of memory that help keep himself sane when he is in a alternative state. Production for the single is dope, it is slow, sending shivers down the spine as Wav’s voice echoes across the track. “Emergence/177013” is titled after the adult manga Metamorphosis by mangaka Shindo L. While the track may not be as colorful in looks, the lyrics are beautifully written threw the lines on the paper, the track as told by Wav is “a desperate young man’s complicated but utterly relatable existential rage.” The song is well done, helping it not be just a “second song” by matching “Borderline Personality Disorder’s” production but setting its own course to be a more story-driven track from Wav. Both tracks are amazing, please spread love during this month, reach out to any homies going through it.


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