EDEN’S ZERO-Anime Review

Eden’s Zero is a Netflix anime that had me excited to watch. The animation hooked for some more. People have also said many great things about it, adding to my anticipation. That anticipation seemed to be met when we are introduced to a mysterious world. There we are shown the main character, Eden. He’s a human boy raised by robots, in a world where humans and robots live together. It is hinted that this boy has deep connections to the secrets of the world, and the lore overall.
The first disappointment I got from the show was the main character. His motivations are so weak that I never felt a connection to his journey, other than the fact that he’s never seen the other worlds of the anime. the side characters did better for me than Eden did, everything to even the dialogue.
The main side character is Rebecca, one of the plus sides of the series. Her character is written nicely. Witty, charming, and humorous. We learn about the world through her lens as she is more experienced to travel than Eden. Through her, we also learn that Eden possesses a power known to the world known as Ether Gear, in which a person’s body lights with creative design and animation, creating cool neon graphics that’s dope to see. I think the music should be noted here. The tracks were soothing when they needed to be and triumphant when they needed to be. It completely fits the setting.
If I’m being honest, I was let down by this one. Sure the animation can be great, and the side characters help pick up the slack of the mains. But this storyline isn’t anything new that we’ve seen from anime. We’ve seen this protagonist a million times, provoking no real reason to continue my interest in the show. This one is getting dropped.


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