Prada – Danny Polo x Landon Sears x CUBE (Music Video)

Tennessee artist Danny Polo teamed up with Landon Sears and CUBE to release “Prada” on August 25th, 2021. “Prada” is from Polo’s own words about “good times with a great girl” which is evident with the high energy that both Polo and Sears share while rapping about a beautiful woman who seems to pay little mind at first but eventually melts like butter for the young musicians. With a 2000’s appearance, Danny begins this R&B track with nothing but love, taking a page out of LL Cool J’s book he offers to buy her whatever, take her wherever all to squeeze a date out of her. Landon takes over on the second verse spitting facts on how attractive a strong, independent woman is while telling the eye catching details that caught your eyes. CUBE is a funky 16 year old, he handled production along with Danny Polo with deadly execution. The music video is full of life, it was handled by Moss Flowers Pictures who captured a lot of color in every shot. We also have to give flowers too Noah Denton on bass and Benjamin Francis on keys. Overall amazing track that screams 00’s vibe, show love to everyone involved with the project.


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