All Our Friends Are Splitting Up/Shit Happens – Katelyn Tarver

Georgia born singer Katelyn Tarver released her latest singles, “All Our Friends Are Splitting Up/Shit Happens” on August 26th, 2021. If you’re old like me you may recognize Katelyn who played the role of Jo Taylor on Big Time Rush and just co-staring next to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in 2018 on the show Ballers as Jesse. Now I am just learning about Miss Tarver’s music career but boy I am stoked her agent contacted me, Katelyn has a very elegant, lovely voice which reminded me a lot of a Southern Billie Eilish. Her vocals are amazing, these two singles do a great job at bringing in a newer fan like myself to dig into her discography which I did give a listen too with great pleasure. Now off of that, let’s discuss both singles along with the music video for “All Our Friends Are Splitting Up.”

All Our Friends Are Splitting Up – Katelyn Tarver

“All Our Friends Are Splitting Up” is very blunt with a story of how relationships can end just as quickly as they were built. Katelyn Tarver described the track stating “This song is a look at the complexities of a long term relationship,” explaining “The fear that can creep up when you feel disconnected, and the realization that you can’t predict what problems you’re going to run into when you decide to spend your life with someone. All you can do is promise to stay and fight for each other when those problems feel really big.” Tarver’s vocals leave a mark as you can hear the painful realization that she is losing these relationships and is unable to prevent it. The music video also expresses these grievances through her pale, emotionless stares that have no primary target. The darker lighting also adds to the grimness, overall the music video does a wonderful job at telling Katelyn’s story.

Shit Happens – Katelyn Tarver

“Shit Happens” is side-B, a track that needs no real explanation because we all have had shit happen that you couldn’t plan for. The single was inspired by a podcast episode of Unlocking Us with Brené Brown (“Tim Ferriss and Dax Shepard on Podcasting, Daily Practices, and the Long and Winding Path to Healing”) in which Tarver explores the hard truth that painful experiences don’t always come with a reason why. Similar too “All Our Friends Are Splitting Up” Tarver shows a more personal side, expression the pain caused by actions out of hand in which she couldn’t help but watch, “Shit Happens” is a reminder that life will always throw a curveball that you can’t expect, nobody is perfect which is what the track breaks down. The production is wonderful, I really enjoyed this beat which is a bit slower, more focused on Katelyn’s high keys while also giving her more room to fill as the silent beat leaves more area for her voice to cover. This was an amazing single too accompany her first, overall must listen to for fans of sad/soft pop.

Katelyn Tarver is set to release a new album, “Subject to Change” on October 15th, 2021 which will “document a turbulent period in her recent past, shedding light on all the grief, confusion and a lost sense of self.” “Co-written and produced with longtime collaborators including Davis Naish, David Arkwright and Justin Gammella (Ashe, Lennon Stella), the album is set for release midway through Tarver’s tour with JOHNNYSWIM that kicks off on September 30.” I for one am excited for this upcoming album, if you are to then hit the button below to pre-order “Subject to Change.”


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