The Heat – Nick Reeve (Music Video)

London based musician Nick Reeve released a music video for his latest single “The Heat” on August 13th, 2021. Let me first just compliment Nick on his outfit, I absolutely love his suit which blends into the beautiful Chinatown district of Westminster, London. The songs theme is a tale of two souls, having a chance encounter during some bar hopping, you lock eyes onto an enchantress that cast a spell onto your spirit which has you chasing for a number with the possibility of more to come. Now Reeves also uses his spectacular vocals to voice missing aspects of COVID19 like the urge to go out, the lust for someone after maybe spending lockdown alone. The production was handled by Sour Sync, the beat has a funky club/R&B sound which really keeps the energy high. The visuals were handled by Hyago Rodriguez who brought a lot of color out when the video was outside while keeping the light bright in the dark club scenes. Overall good track, show everyone affiliated some love with a follow.


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