Get Out My – Leeway (Music Video)

Leeway is back with his latest single titled “Get Out My.” Released the 29th of July, I’ve covered Leeway since his “Cottonmouth” days and fell in love with his vibrant style which is a blend of R&B/Rap mixed with some Lofi influence. Back on track “Get Out My” feels like a nice guy finally snapping, for reference it reminds me of Ned Flanders outburst to Springfield as Leeway speaks about being too tired to take out trash, constantly battling with the headache of being something for everyone but not having that same energy given back. The chorus is what really fills the mood that Leeway is tired, “get out my face; get out car; get off my lawn; bitch you better be gone ay.” is all the signs of wanting to be left alone. I also feel that the body motions in certain sections can show how Leeway is checked out, running away from the camera to eventually find himself in a open plain or hiding his face at times from the spotlight. The beat which was handled by Ashton McCreight, it feels like a emo-pop track that has deeper drums/snares, but the mood is perfect as Leeway’s voice rolls over so well. Joe Sung-Rae filmed the entire music video beautifully, Leeway has a big personality which is captured in every angle, from 90 degrees to 360, backgrounds are also full of life, from the big city to your tiny neighborhood Sung-Rae captured every article of color imaginable in 4K. Overall amazing track, Leeway just released his album “Stay Gold” on the 13th of August so if you enjoyed this listen too the full project to support a youthful, creative mind at work. Also a huge shoutout to the artist behind the cover, Phil aka Adjo, we always give flowers to everyone we can.


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