In Memory of Biz Markie (1964-2021)

I am sorry to announce the passing of “The Clown Prince of Hip-Hop”, Biz Markie who sadly left us on Friday, July 16th, 2021. Born Marcel Theo Hall in Harlem, New York, Biz Markie is a pioneer of rap being apart of the Juice Crew who were signed to Cold Chillin’ Records. Biz would explode into stardom with his 1989 hit single “Just a Friend” which would launch the “Vapors” MC into a new level of fame. From beatboxing to DJing, Biz was apart of multiple elements in Hip-Hop which he taught on the children’s show Yo Gabba Gabba! He would also dabble in acting, having a role in Men in Black 2 and Sharknado 2. Hip-Hop lost a true gem who changed the game both legally and rhythmically as he would handle a huge sampling case against Gilbert O’Sullivan for his usage of the song “Alone Again (Naturally)” which Biz used for a track of the same name for his third album “I Need a Haircut. We mourn the lose of a icon and hope his family, friends and co-workers find peace with his passing, may Biz Markie Rest In Peace.


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