HMU – BradBrooks x Asad (Music Video)

BradBrooks and Asad teamed up to release a new single/music video on June 20th, 2021. “Hit Me Up” sees Brooks talk about wanting that cute girl you seen to shoot a text or hit your line, Asad provides wonderful vocals that ride off of Brad’s melody so well, my man has a beautiful voice that deserves to be recognized. The track takes a change in tone at 2:30 where we get a preview of another song from BradBrooks upcoming project titled “Water Boy.” The music video was shot by Ariel Coipel who did an excellent job at keeping the video vibrant with color and interesting angels. Tino was behind the claymation in the music video which was a wonderful twist blended with the use of puppets as well. Overall wonderful track, can’t wait to hear “Water Boy” when Brooks releases it in full sometime this year.

HMU – BradBrooks x Asad (Music Video)

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