Loki season has been entertaining on many levels from action, mystery, and classic MCU humor. The show has managed to turn a character, who’s motivations were as simple as wanting to conquer for the sake of power, into a real character that’s easy to sympathize with. Especially when you take in count all of his failures the show throws in his face. I think Loki is a character who has always been told he was evil, and hasn’t had an incentive to do the right things, so he usually does the awful thing. The show also does a great job in having side characters with stories you want to know how plays into the overall series. Mobius, a strong character from the starts returns from earlier episode. His story doesn’t seem too heavy overall, but his character is so well done, I’m excited to see how it turns out for him, and his future in the mcu. Ravonna character has been interesting, playing as a untrustworthy friend to Mobius. I’m interest in seeing how her motivations will change knowing that the TVA and all she’s been working for is a lie. Or perhaps she knows what’s going on behind the scenes as well? Sylvie, aka the other Loki, is bound to have a crazy ending to her story. My big question is will either of our two main Loki’s, will betray each other in the end, despite developing a trust and bond between each other, because that’s just what Loki’s do. I appreciate the show for all the comic call backs and adaptations as well. Classic Loki using his powers to create Asgard is fucking dope. We get some cool known characters like Goliath and apparently the heavily speculated Kang The Conqueror.


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