Goblin: A Trap Toys/MEKA Production

Trap Toys from the UK teamed up with MEKA Production to release these astonishing figures of Tyler, the Creature back at the beginning of June. The design was created by MEKA who made Tyler look like a mixture of Blanko and The Gangreen Gang, rocking two different variants from the “Goblin” and “IGOR” era of his career. “Goblin” is true skater in full effect, from the box-logo Supreme cap to the dyed, upside-down cross that kept many thinking Tyler was a devil worshiper. “IGOR” is all business, sporting the blonde wig with a choice of blue or red suit, rocking the mic like a magic wand. Dope work, I love Trap Toys work so if you wanna be up to date follow them along with MEKA Productions for more.


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