Parked Cars – Travis Thompson x KYLE X Kota the Friend (Single)

Travis Thompson teams up with KYLE and Kota the Friend to release a new single on June 19th, 2021. Now I’m one of the few people who can boast about knowing Kota before the fame while also actually vouching for KYLE to my homies who only know “I Spy” but this was my introduction to the Washington artist. Thompson brings a nice Rap/R&B mixture, handling the chorus of the track while also being the leadoff verse where he speaks about collecting checks to spoil a special mama while having to still keep his plate full. KYLE then enters with a continuation of treating your girl good like Chappelle in Half Baked. Kota comes in on verse 3 with his mellow, raspy voice talking all about the beauties of a woman, curves and all. Overall fantastic song, I’ve been saying Kota and KYLE don’t get the love they deserve so if you dig this consider listen to both their latest albums along with Travis Thompson who I will keep my ears out for more.

Parked Cars – Travis Thompson x KYLE X Kota the Friend (Single)

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