“LOKI” Episode 1 Review

Loki is the newest live-action show added to the lineup of Disney Plus Marvel live-action television series. The pilot offers and promises fun and mischief in the future. The pilot episode was engaging from the start. It separates itself from the other marvel Disney shows for its tone and story. In the first episode, we get to really see some of the brokenness that is Loki, especially a great interrogation scene and dialogue between Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson, who gives a good comedic and intelligent performance to his character. I didn’t have too many expectations going into this. I honestly was never too into the Loki’s character in the MCU. At least early on he was a pretty hallow villain. This show was the perfect solution to that. Not only does give more shine to Lokis’s personality with his snarkiness, quick wit, and ego, we also explore the motivations behind Loki, of why he does what he does if he even knows why, which is one of the most compelling parts of the episode, shown through scenes of him watching the failures of his past.

In terms of pilots, this was my favorite out of the marvel live-action series. I was immediately hooked and definitely has me interested in the teased mysteries and villain of the show. I think all fans of Loki and Marvel fans in general are gonna have fun with this series!

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