The Trials and Tribulations of a Fat Man

Now I normally don’t like to talk about my weight. If anything I joke about it but this weekend was a real eye opener. Now I’m not saying be ashamed of what you look like because everybody is different. This is my plight. This weekend I flew to New York to meet my hero and this was the first time I flown since 2005 when I was in the military. Back then I was lean so flying on a plane was no problem. Fast forward 16 years and man things have changed. Economy and coach seating aren’t meant for big dudes. I have never been so uncomfortable in my life. Seatbelts barely click. I literally had to think thin just to click the seatbelt. Now with the seats, I have hips and damn, I literally had to squeeze myself between the 2 arm rests, and even by doing that, I still had the arm rests digging into my legs. Trying to get comfortable and get some rest was just not going to happen. I realize from this point forward I have to lose some serious weight. Or end up having to buy 2 seats or start flying first class if I’m going to fly again. Which is going to happen because I’m set to move in September across country and so will need to fly back to get my stuff. This was not fun or comfortable at all. I’m not telling you guys to change but take my words into consideration, be more healthy or you’ll end up like me.

You get the picture

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