LUMBERJACK – Tyler, The Creator (Single)

Tyler, The Creator has finally emerged from his chambers with a new single titled “LUMBERJACK.” Released on June 16th, 2021 this is the first single Tyler has released since February and fans like I have been left to wonder what is next from the Grammy Award winning artist, enter Tyler having billboards posted around Paris, LA and other locations with a number and text reading “Call me if you get lost.” When the number is dialed you’ll hear what is being called “MOMMA TALK” which is a voicemail of Tyler and his mother. Then Tyler would publish a short video titled “SIDE STREET” which has Tyler making out with a woman on top of a genuine Fiat 131 Abarth Rally car or a bog-standard Fiat 131 rally car outfitted with Abarth Rally aero (shoutout TireMeetsRoad). Before long it seems that Tyler was snacking on Taco’s girl who somehow doesn’t see a dude in a bright pink car peel off, but I digress.

“SIDE STREET” – Tyler, The Creator.

Wednesday, June 16th Tyler releases “LUMBERJACK” with a short music video that continues the same trends from “SIDE STREET.” The single sees Tyler break down how he could care less if DJ Khaled was hurt over his album preforming lower then “IGOR”, the milli he gave Drake to get booed off stage at Camp Flog Gnaw 2020, his feelings towards someone being hidden like Mulan and more. The track has guest features from Jasper and DJ Drama who are on the tracks chorus/verses. The music video is continuing the Wes Anderson look with both “SIDE STREET” & “LUMBERJACK.” I really loved the music videos but still feel in the middle like Malcolm about “LUMBERJACK”, while I enjoyed the beat I did feel sorta meh on his verses but with his new album, “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” coming out June 25th, all we can do is wonder what the full project will be about.

“LUMBERJACK” – Tyler, The Creator.

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