Madden 22 Cover Athletes Reveal

EA has done it again, disappointing the community with a horrible choice of cover stars for their yearly release. Now I know the gaming community is tired of EA and 2K with their lack of effort on every new Madden or NBA release, this cover shows to me that their efforts are already lazy as they brought in Patrick Mahomes who was on the cover of Madden 20 and Tom Brady who last graced the cover of Madden 18 in 2017. Now while it makes sense because the two have won a Super Bowl within the past two years, EA teased the cover as being two goats which had the internet in storm, plus they also ran a contest where you could submit custom covers that had a “chance” at being used. Honestly this is the year I skip a new 2K and Madden, this cover and the August 17th release date leave me with negative energy that could change if the beta which is out but is accessible to those who received a community code for both PlayStation and XBOX.

With only 2 months until its release my big question is what “new” improvements will EA bring into this nearly30 year old series. I hope that they just do enough so it doesn’t feel like a $70 dollar roster update, remember to all the new gen owners that the game will be $70 instead of $60, so if you’re like me and just fine with Madden 21 showcase your power by not purchasing Madden 22.

Madden 22 Official Trailer

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