L.O.S.T. – Tone Fach (Review)

Tone Fach released his brand new album “L.O.S.T.” on May 28th, 2021. The Pennsylvania artist from Erie was put on my radar by his label, Project Spector Productions to cover his new album which I was more then happy to oblige. Fach has been in the game since about 2015 with his “Stepping Out the Shadows” mixtape but has been constantly grinding with projects and singles being dropped on a yearly bases. I myself was familiar with Fach from a feature on D.Craze the Destroyer’s 2018 album “The Great Unknown” which we also covered but this was my first time fully listening to an album from Fach which I was fully eager for. So without any more distractions let’s jump in, this is “L.O.S.T.” by Tone Fach.

We begin with “The Horizon” which tells the harsh story of realization. The track starts with a nice build-up that leads into his first verse which speaks about allowing yourself to focus on unimportant issues, filling your notepad with a bunch of nonsense until you realize you’ve been putting to much energy into it. I love this theme which follows into verse 2 and 3 where we see more into the recovery process of getting past these issues to find yourself. I’d like to note the beat is also dope, I love the lofi like drums with a R&B blend. “THIS MOMENT” starts off in your face with the lines “Back in 88, August 20th the date, I was born a mistake, some would say it was faith” where we get a deeper insight on Tone. He speaks on his mothers alcoholism along with his fathers influence on his honor, breaking down his childhood pressures from these issues and how he is able to reflect on them as a adult. This is a very personal look at such an early stage in the LP that really grabbed my attention, I constantly was rewinding to review bars which I may have still missed, plus this beat was harder then a month old Slim Jim. “CO SIGN” is Tone’s middle finger to the corporate side of music, he displays a tongue of silver full of bars sharper then a freshly sharpened blade, I really like this aggressive side he brings out which is a bigger expression of how hungry he is to become the top dog in the business. Track 4 titled “EXPLOSIVE” keeps that same theme of challenging the people upstairs as Tone continues his attack on the tyranny in Hip-Hop. His combination of references counters well with his flow/delivery that overall brings a solid track together like a perfect plan. “PSYCHO” is a horror-core styled track full of blood curdling references to classic killers both fictional and non. I love the creativity in this track, the beat is perfectly timed with Tone as he drops 16 faster then Jason or Freddy, this brother has bars for days which he displays especially on the next few tracks. “LOST” follows afterward, the theme seems to see Tone reflecting on his past home while he expresses staying true to the albums name, “Lyrics Over Silly Trends.” Track 7 titled “THESE DAYS” is also a storytelling track where Fach spends his time speaking on his upcoming while expressing creativity without hate. The production on this track stood out, I really liked the 2000’s style beat that sets a more serious tone. “NAMELESS” has Fach flexing more wordplay then a crossword puzzle as he breaks down bars to have you remember his name, dope track that showcased a lot of my favorite bars. Track 9, “Until The Sun Come Up” is all about enjoying your life until the next day, living life to the fullist however you feel while not allowing negative energy to hold you down. I really like the beat which reminded me of “On a Sunday Afternoon” by A Lighter Shade of Brown. This brings us to the halfway mark on the LP which has been pleasant, the albums production uo to now is great with all the songs having character to them that helps their individual messages carry weight.

“Anchor” starts off with some piano keys and a nasty beat that Fach clutches by his hand and takes over like a Don. Rather than the typical tale of being weighed down by a woman Fach tells the story of his partner helping him keep balance in his life by being the anchor that keeps him afloat. The track is a wonderful change since I rarely hear songs that praise strong partners or relationships. “SIDE TO SIDE” features are first of 4 guest artist as Jonny Evans joins Fach as the second verse while having parts on the third verse. The theme is all about making the crowd rock while explaining their passion for the Hip-Hop culture. I really likes this uptown party beat that has a lot of fun to it, Evans was a nice change as well while bringing a solid flow/delivery. “ACHIEVER” is very blunt, the tracks name explains itself but for the dimwitted the songs theme covers the quest of success as Tone raps about his hunger and goals while also noting his accomplishments that have kept him wanting more until he has reached his dream. Stacey James adds her vocals that bring out the hook, though I do feel we didn’t need the hook I still am not mad at the inclusion of her adlibs, the production was also well done but was a bit loud which drowned Tone at times. “On My Mind” is about that girl or guy you stay up all night thinking about, we all got someone we dream of and this song is all about that. Cee Brown appears on the third verse with a very powerful, deep voice that caught me off guard but he gave me Tech N9ne like vibes. Overall dope track with a really nice beat. “Just Ride” is a stoner style anthem, all about cruising while grinding some herbs to enjoy by the beachfront, I really enjoy this type of songs that are more carefree and Tone nailed this one from flow to production. If you think the last track slapped, track 15 titled “Tipsy Thoughts” keeps those vibes going but this time for the drinkers. 2 AM taking some whiskey shots is what we start off at but as the track progress we hear the events of the night until sunrise. I really enjoyed the tracks jazz production, it matches the theme of late night bar hopping, plus I am also a sucker for jazz so points for that. “Hero or the Villain” is a tale of the battle within, Tone breaks down wanting to be a hero to his kid while also revealing that his past may cause his son to drift away from him, as the song continues it becomes clear to Fach that he is only human and is trying his best but being in the world today that’s all we can do. Production is great, the beat really flows well with Tone Fach as he elevated his own delivery for this track. “Sanity” is similar to “Anchor’ in idea as Tone speaks on actions/people who have affected his thoughts and motives in life. The track also has our final feature coming from D.CrazE on the third verse, just like Cee Brown, E has a very unique voice which stood out to me above all while his flow/delivery was wonderful, I really liked his inclusion and aggression on this track. The final track of the album, “Give Me Strength” starts off with camping vibes as you hear firewood cracking and crickets chirping. Tone Fach tells personal tales lose and pain, he is asking for help during these darker times as he still heals from old wounds, this was very close to heart for Fach by how sorrow his voice sounds, I really appreciate this being his choice as the final track. The production for the song was amazing as well, really kept the jazz rap vibe until the end.

Overall I’d say this is a fantastic album full of diverse sound for fans of different rap styles, from storytelling to jazz rap we have a bit of it all in this 18 track LP. I’d say my top 3 tracks are “Sanity”, “Tipsy Thoughts” and “THIS MOMENT.” “Tipsy Thoughts” and “Sanity” had my favorite themes and beats while “THIS MOMENT” had some of the best bars in my humble opinion. I highly recommend you give those three tracks a listen if you’re gonna just skim through, those will easily turn you into a fan as I was for Tone Fach, make aure if you enjoyed this review to give Fach a follow along with all the featured artist. I am The Musical Hippie and these are my thoughts on “L.O.S.T.” by Tone Fach.


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