Lil Kp – Plain Jane (Music Video)

Lil Kp released a music video for his single “Plain Jane” on March 26th, 2021. Kp brings a unique sound with a flow/delivery that is similar in format to the homie JiggaisRare who provided his editing skills for the music videos visuals. Besides his flow, Kp spends the track keeping it a buck with you about who he is, staying real while enjoying life without letting any females soil his name. Hotter then Forbidden Fruit, the music video was directed by Karlosxantana and Alexander Rush who brought color into every moonlight shot, these two dude a fantastic job that was smoothed out by Jigga’s wonderful visual work. Dope piece, show love to all involved with a share and follow, by now all these cats got some new work out.

Lil Kp – Plain Jane (Music Video)

1 thought on “Lil Kp – Plain Jane (Music Video)

  1. Preciate it – Lil Kp


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