FA EVA – Thatfool AL (Music Video

Thatfool AL just dropped heat with his latest single, “FA EVA” on May 2nd, 2021. Bars so sick you’ll need a doctor, Thatfool AL drops lines that are so foul you’ll want a red flag for how foolish you may be from his wordplay, we covered his previous single, “Harmony” which was a much more gospel styled song but I dig the aggression AL displays. Production was handled by Dustin Hodges who elevates the third eye too the 90’s with a funky beat, this shit smacked harder then cereal on Saturdays, real clean beat that makes me urge for a instrumental release of “FA EVA.” The lyrically content on hand for “FA EVA” makes me believe AL wanted to put on like Big L and show his canines, his ability to drop consistently rhythmic bars is so undeniable that even the biggest of haters would have to give flowers for his ability to run a verse like a track star without missing a step, I love his brash, almost egotistic attitude from AL while still putting on for his hometown of San Jose, CA. The music video was directed by Jezrael Gandara who leaves no scene empty, Thatfool AL has a gift in filling a scene with his personality that is larger then life, from his explosive rapping to mellow attire, he finds a way to keep you in focus while bouncing around the frame like a DVD logo. Overall this is hotter then the sun, you must follow Thatfool AL along with Dustin and Jezrael who’s inclusion on this project were amazing, also huge shoutouts too San Jose Storyboard & Local Color San Jose who were also collaborators on this single.


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