Petrified – Marineris (Music Video)

Ukrainian artist Marineris released a brand new single/music video titled “Petrified” on April 29th, 2021. “Petrified” is a look into how social media and the internet have slowly killed peoples empathy while causing millions to lose a sense of reality, the 23 year old trap-pop artist also expresses how people focus heavily on a price tag verses if they really need said item which being a reality worker is a site I see often now a days. The visuals are wonderful, the backgrounds in each scene aren’t too vibrant to so they don’t distract you from Marineris who is star studded in the center with bright, fiery orange hair. “Petrified” serves as the second single from his upcoming album, “My Band Could Be Your Home” which Marineris views as “Season 1” with each track being an episode. If you dig this show love with a share or follow, I look forward to the full LP which has a Autumn release date of this year.


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