SOLO – Gab, The Sandbox (Single)

Gab, The Sandbox released his latest single, “SOLO” on April 23rd, 2021. Gab brings a electric-pop style production on this track, the beat is very energetic which is native to the NY artist who has expressed his creativity through a number of means. “SOLO” lyrically covers separation, ripping the thorn out of our side by moving on with our lives. Gab is human like many of us so he still has doubts on leaving which our expressed in the second verse while he uses the first portion to release his inner 9 tails after building up this wall of emotions for this unknown woman in his life. I have always enjoyed Gab’s music, we were honored to be contacted by him to give our thoughts on “SOLO.” All I can say is follow Gab, The Sandbox, stream “SOLO” on Spotify and show this brother love, we need more fun in the music community.


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