Wrestlemania Night 2 Recap and Review

Hello everyone, I am the Shida Army General, the Joshi Prime Minister, your resident Amazon Oracle, the Canary bringing you part 2 of the Wrestlemania recap in the “Canary Review”. Yesterday I talked about Night One of Wrestlemania and today is all about night 2. Now one thing about night 2, to me personally, didn’t think it was that good compared to the previous night. Let’s take a look at the events of Night 2.

Night 2‘s matches kick off with the “Viper” Randy Orton taking on the “Fiend” known as Bray Wyatt with Alexa Bliss at his side. In his return match since being burned alive by Orton, this was his first match back. To be honest, this whole storyline between these 2 has just been weird and I couldn’t get into it. In an unexpected surprise, Orton defeated Wyatt with his patented RKO after a distraction from Alexa Bliss. Wait a minute, I thought she was with him? Well let me tell you, your guess is good as mine. Typical WWE booking at it’s finest right here. The ending of this match had the crowd booing because after the match was over, Wyatt and Bliss stared at each other and then the lights turned off and back and they were gone. I was confused as everyone else. Second match was for the WWE Women’s Tag titles where the previous night’s winners and new number one contenders, Natalya and Tamina lost by submission to the defending champs, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. To be honest, I wasn’t happy with Nattie and Tamina winning last night and rather had hoped Riott Squad would’ve won but it wasn’t meant to be. Another booking fail by the E. Why the hell would you put these women through this just to have them lose. One of the reasons why I’m kind of glad, Riott Squad wasn’t in it because the last thing I hate to see was them lost. Even the crowd was bored during this match where the returning CM Punk chants were being chanted. Wouldn’t be a live event without those. Unfortunately though, it’s also pretty annoying. Once again though, the backstage personal, knew to mute those chants with more piped in noises. Thankfully the match ended and we moved on to the next match which was definitely a MOTN, my boy Sami Zayn with special guest…ugh…YouTube personality Logan Paul and Kevin Owens. Now these 2 are no strangers to each other after being friends for so long, coming up in the business together and the many battles they had with each other and alongside each other in NXT and on the main roster. Hands down these 2 clearly stole the show because these are 2 of the best workers today and quite honestly some of the best talkers. Unfortunately for Sami, his talking wasn’t going to get the job done. He fell short after getting with a KO Stunner that ended his Wrestlemania moment and added more to his conspiracy theory. Can I mention the highlight of this match was the commentary by Corey Graves who sold the hell out of the match and Sami’s story. An instant classic that definitely was the highlight of night 2. Now unfortunately the match to follow this match was for the US Title, defending champion…ugh…“The Original Bro” Matt Riddle against my boy, “the Celtic Warrior” Sheamus where Sheamus won the title after Brogue Kicking the snot out of Riddle in mid-flip. God I loved that moment. I honestly don’t see what the fans see in that guy. One of the most annoying wrestlers they have. Him and his stupid 3-D birds can shove it. The next match was for the Intercontinental title being defended in an Nigerian Drum Fight. Don’t ask me, just know there was a lot of kendo shots and stuff. Anyways defending champ BIg E lost his title to the contender Apollo Crews with help from a debuting Baba Tunde aka Daba Kato, interfered and helped Apollo win the match. Just what we needed, another wrestler with a giant bodyguard. That hasn’t been done before…anyways after that match was the Raw Women’s Championship being defended by my favorite Joshi who is one of the 2 that brought me into the Joshi world and culture, Asuka losing her title to my other favorite, Rhea Ripley who had her entrance played by one of my favorite bands, New Years Day. Now normally, at Wrestlemania, when you get your entrance played, you’re guaranteed a loss. Not all the time because there has been some winners but mostly losers. Unfortunately for Ripley she wasn’t one of them. In an shocking upset, that pissed off a lot of fans, and especially me, our champion Asuka lost to make her record 0-4 at Wrestlemania. Once again denied her moment, this angered a lot of fans. Within a week, both my favorite Joshi’s lost their titles in the same week and I was not happy. Hopefully my other favorite who wrestles in AEW, Hikaru Shida doesn’t lose her title but if she does I’ll more than likely disappear because as the General of her Army, it’s my duty to make sure she wins. Anyways back to Asuka in a fairly good match, Ripley proved she was ready for Asuka and finished her off with her finisher, “the Riptide” to become the first women to hold the NXT Women’s, NXT UK Women’s and Raw Women’s championships. Definitely shows that the E is fairly behind her or so it seems. The Raw afterwards shows otherwise and that my friends I don’t want to get into. To end the final night, we saw the Smackdown Championship being defended in a Triple Threat match between the “Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns retaining against the comeback kid, Hall of Famer, the “Rated R Superstar”, my favorite, Edge and the leader of the “Yes Movement” Daniel Bryan with help from his damn cousin, Jey Uso. The interference was not necessary. In what was an amazing match that had a shitty ending, clearly was ruined by this interference. If Reigns is supposed to be this big bad ass, why does he need help to win? I can assure you when Brock Lesnar was champ, he didn’t need help. Wasn’t happy with the outcome especially since the ending had Reigns pinning both wrestlers after stacking them on top of each other, which realistically, Edge was the on top of Bryan but for some reason, they gave it to Reigns. Honestly with Asuka losing in the previous match, and this match, made me give the middle finger to the E. So with that crappy outcome, night 2 officially came to an end after having such a good first night. By the way, this was the first Wrestlemania since 27, where mostly all heels won. Even crazier, with the exception of 3 titles in the whole company, all the titles are held by heels. Didn’t see that coming.

And that my friends is the review for night 2. Hope you enjoyed reading it. I am the Shida Army General and Joshi Prime MInister, the resident Amazon Oracle, the Canary with another edition of the “Canary Review” telling you, to be nice to each other, #EndTheHate, #RememberHana and #StopAsianHate with one love and zero miedo. The Canary is out.

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