it is what it is – drew lewis (Review)

Reno, Nevada artist drew lewis released his EP “it is what it is” on March 11th, 2021. Now I was not familiar with drew at all until I stumbled on a video from about a year ago on YouTube, the platform that recommends the most random of videos to you. The video was a cover of Mac Miller’s “at itd News” which captivated me due to lewis voice which mirrored that of the late MC. This dude really rocked me with his cover which led to my discovery of “it is what it is” released on SoundCloud, featuring 6 tracks and clocking in at under 20 minutes. I kept that same exciment from his cover for the EP which did not let me down, so let’s stop the exposition and begin the expedition, these are my thoughts on “it is what it is” by drew lewis.

We start off the EP with “my way” produced by lucas quinn. The track’s story is of drew paving the road to success for himself by being able to live his life his way, his voice echoes on the hook while we learn about his life with fun nods that made me smirk. Production was nice, lucas got nasty on the drum/snares for the beat. “you” follows with a ukulele in the background that really captivated my ears, I have to give flowers to j roes on his production because this beat really kept me engaged. The tracks story continues the narrative of lewis, this speaking on his discomfort he feels in his own body while also cover relationship issues that birthed the track. “lonely (interlude)” is a very lofi stylized track from drew who brought katapullt to handle production for this smooth beat. The track is such a distant memory for me at times but we’ve all been alone, drowning in our stresses when we just need some rest, this is the break needed to help transition to the last half of the EP. It was a stormy night in the streets of Chicago, track 4 titled “prosper” blast into your playlist as the puddles raddle from your footsteps. The story is to inspire those needing motivation to continue the grind, whether it be with school or your significant other that all beauty requires time to bloom. The beat from luke g. is fire, I really like the Jazz-Rap approach brought forth by luke and drew. We also get a cameo sample from the late XXXTENTACION, RIP. Track 5, “listen to this when i’m gone” feels like a homage to Mac Miller’s “Wings”, drew seemingly is speaking from a prerecorded tape as if he has died from finally losing to his struggle, he continues the torch lite by Mac by borrowing his flow/delivery on this track from “Wings” off of “Swimming” which I caught onto right as soon as the hook started. I also need to give a huge shoutout to EERYSKIES on production, this track was hands down my favorite from the EP. “let’s pretend we’re numb (cover)” is our final track which also pays respects again to the late XXX with drew giving it his all, matching flow/delivery while still adding his own charm to it. I think as a fan of X and Mac, this was a very poetic way to conclude his first project, a fan just making music like his favorite rappers.

it is what it is – drew lewis

My final verdict on this EP is simply listen, younger heads always catch shade for trying to be to much like their idols but I feel we need more heartfelt projects in which a artist shows love and appreciation towards his favorite rappers through their own sound. This was a wonderful experience that I only came upon because of Mac Miller, as a fan of Mac I can say drew has that same energy that will in time grow if he so continues to make music. As I stated my favorite track would be #5, “listen to this when i’m gone” with “prosper” coming in at second. The entire EP’s production was handled beautiful through 5 different minds who all conjoined to create a masterful sound, even if you wouldn’t care to listen for drew’s lyrics please listen for these beats. Show everyone involved love, I highly recommend giving “it is what it is” a listen now!


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